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#1 2014-02-23 13:09:08

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How to translate and maintain Textpattern language packs (Textpacks)

Textpattern is available in various languages, via ‘Textpacks’. Previously these were edited directly within the RPC server by designated language maintainers – we have now moved the Textpack project to GitHub to make it more open, allow peer reviews, allow version control, and make it easier for contributors to maintain and add new Textpacks. Access to the RPC server for maintainers will be revoked in preference of this new method (otherwise the GitHub project and RPC would become out of sync).

Full instructions for how to get involved in maintaining language Textpacks, or for adding completely new Textpacks if a language pack doesn’t currently exist, can be found here.

Once new changes are made by contributors to the Textpack project, they will be peer reviewed by a Textpattern core developer and then included within the RPC server.


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