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#1 2013-12-11 03:18:10

Registered: 2013-11-15
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how to remove articles/divs?

How do I remove a couple of articles on my home page. I go to the page (home) but can’t quite figure out how to remove the articles along with their images. I know their ID numbers but I’m not seeing that in the code either…maybe the template page for home is not the place to look?

Also, I have some experience with HTML so if their is a way to edit the code manually that would also work.

Thanks for your assistance.


#2 2013-12-11 05:53:26

From: Cyprus
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Re: how to remove articles/divs?

On fresh txp installs the home page uses the default page template and the default form.

If you post a url we might be able to help.

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#3 2013-12-11 11:47:56

From: Cologne
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Re: how to remove articles/divs?

If you want to remove divs/code or want to show less articles, in a general sense, you’ll do that in pages and forms, like colak says. If you want to remove certain articles from display set their status to “hidden”. You can do so in one go from the Articles panel (tick their checkboxes, then choose Change status from the “With selected” dropdown menu, bottom left) or one by one, from their respective Write panel (radio buttons, top right).

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#4 2013-12-11 17:53:34

Registered: 2013-11-15
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Re: how to remove articles/divs?

thank you. that is very helpful


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