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#1 2013-02-17 11:09:51

From: Hong Kong
Registered: 2004-12-13
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TXP Minima v2

I’ve re-released TXP Minima with an update based on my personal site. To see a variation of this theme, take a look at the newly released Pia Petterson.

The theme is a bit ugly out of the box because being minimal in design, it relies on good typography. Choose your own fonts from TypeKit or other service and the theme will look much better.

Downloads of the theme can be made either from this here (direct download link) or from my Github TXP Minima repository. Feel free to fork and improve the theme. Its most likely that any changes/improvements will be posted on Github.

What does the theme do?

  1. Designed to just drag and drop – no forms needed. Just the 3 page templates default, archive and error_default
  2. Archive page (basic like on my site)
  3. “Tumblelog” content type posting – blog, media, video, link and quote
  4. Each content type output can be styled differently via custom fields output (glz_custom_fields plugin required)
  5. Based on Zurb Foundation so it is completely responsive out of the box

To extend the theme, I’d strongly suggest using a font service for typography and possibly social icons such as Symbolset and/or Shifticons.

For any questions/comments, please post here. Thanks.


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