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#1 2012-09-06 01:08:37

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[contrib] Textpattern for Aptana

Textpattern CMS really needs a good theme development tool, so I’ve been working on some things in Aptana to make working with it a bit easier. I’m going to start releasing the fruits of my labor slowly over the next few weeks. This is the first “test” release to see how well it works for others. Below you can find installation instructions and details about the project right now. Soon I’ll include auto-complete/snippets within this project. Stay tuned and please test the current release. The git repo link can be found below.


Textpattern project template, snippets and more.

Before proceeding with the below installation I recommend adding a *.txp file association to Aptana:

1. Open Aptana preferences in Window | Preferences
2. Access File Associations under General | Editors | File Associations
3. Under File types Add *.txp by left clicking the Add.. button.
4. With *.txp still selected under File types add the associated editors below by left clicking the Add.. button. Add the html editor.

Now *.txp files will be highlighted as *.html files.

I. Textpattern Project Template installation instructions:

Be aware this Ruble will create two Textpattern Project Templates under File | New | Web Project. This Ruble will allow you to either automatically download the latest version of the 4.5 Textpattern Theme from the git repo for local editing or unzip the most recent version I’ve downloaded into a new project. You will need a network connection for the non-cached Ruble to function.

Download and unzip the Textpattern_project zip.
Place the Folder into:
Mac/Linux: $home/Documents/Aptana Rubles. Everywhere else: ${user.home}/Aptana Rubles. On Windows, that would translate to somewhere like c:\Users\Username\Aptana Rubles

Start Aptana. Then you will see the new project templates as noted above.

Textpattern for Aptana

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#2 2012-09-06 15:08:44

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Re: [contrib] Textpattern for Aptana

Added some basic snippets. Trying to figure out the best way to label the snippets for the use of everyone. Initially I just did txp and then selected the one I wanted. Any thoughts?

Read installation instructions (README) for updates.

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