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#71 2012-01-01 15:28:16

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Re: [mention] 2011 WaterAndStone CMS Market Share Report Results


What would be nice is something that auto-added on the version too, so you didn’t have to think about it after each update: <meta name="generator" content="Textpattern CMS, version 4.4.1">. A nice add to rah_meta, maybe.

Hi destry and happy new year, I think that adding the version might not be advisable as it will allow hackers to exploit some of txp’s old vanerabilities or any new ones which might exist.

What I hope is for the meta tag to be added to as many sites as possible so as to make transparrent the large usage base txp has.

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#72 2012-01-01 15:33:28

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Re: [mention] 2011 WaterAndStone CMS Market Share Report Results

I don’t see super big reason to add it to rah_metas; it’s just a static meta line as long as version number isn’t included.

And that’s the thing; everyone should be running the latest stable, or at least pretend they are. Why show the version number at all. If you are using any other version, you are just publicly admitting that you are running an old version, which could be affected by security issues. For example, every release prior to 4.4.0 is affected by very serious security vulnerabilities.

Marketing trackers and what have we, do not need the version number. Just knowing that the site runs on Textpattern should be enough. The trackers, including BuiltWith, can get the version number if they want. Anyone can. Textpattern does announce the version number in feeds.

As far as BuiltWith specifically goes, I think they have updated their detection method. Which we should thank Robert (that’s some very powerful little tweet :-)) and they [BuiltWith] for responding to feedback. I.e. rahforum.biz shows up as a Textpattern powered website, despite that it’s not advertised as one. Seems like they took look at the site’s feeds as suggested by Robert.

If still fancying about the version number, it’s doable with a tiny line of PHP;

<meta name="generator" content="Textpattern CMS, version <txp:php> echo $GLOBALS['version']; </txp:php>" />

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#73 2012-01-01 18:57:23

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Re: [mention] 2011 WaterAndStone CMS Market Share Report Results

You guys are no doubt right.

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#74 2012-06-20 11:53:41

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Re: [mention] 2011 WaterAndStone CMS Market Share Report Results

Can you send me some more details about using the meta tag generator? thanks you


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