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#1 2010-12-03 16:25:20

From: Portland, OR
Registered: 2006-08-24
Posts: 39

Innovastudio TEXTAREA WYSIWYG editing environment

Has anyone tried integrating this as an alternative to tinyMCE?


I want to give it a shot and am curious why I haven’t seen it before.


#2 2010-12-03 17:26:52

From: Ukiah, California
Registered: 2010-06-12
Posts: 590

Re: Innovastudio TEXTAREA WYSIWYG editing environment

Interesting. Almost the exact same feature set of WYSIWYG Pro. I’ve used WP in many of my clients’ websites (using other CMS) because it has lots of really nice features. For example, WYSIWYG Pro has a “Paste from External Source” feature that’s absolutely crucial for clients who cut and paste from MS Word, and I don’t see that on the Innova feature list.

But I believe the company was sold off — there haven’t been any updates to the software for over a year. I also started getting email spam from them, asking me to purchase a phone from one of their affiliates. :-P

Anyway: The nice thing about these editors is that clients can have tons of flexibility. They can make tables, choose lots of colors, etc.

The not-so-nice thing about them is that clients can really get into lots of trouble. Pretty soon the website is littered with junk like awkwardly-resized photos, weird colors, and the client is calling you to ask why the spacing in the articles is strange. This is usually caused by direct pasting from MS Word OR the editor software left behind some junk like an empty <div>, etc. that doesn’t appear in the WYSIWYG view.

Heaven help you if you put some really nice custom HTML/CSS in an article when you set up the website, because the client WILL at some point try to move it around and it will break.

Sometimes the client has edited the article so many times, adding new styles when they should be removing old styles and then adding new styles, that it’s a huge mess and, for example, all but the last letter of a word will be one style, like bold and blue, and the last letter will be black and slightly smaller. :-/ sigh.

So with one of my clients I ended up teaching them how to use the Tag Selector feature in WYSIWYG Pro to look for and delete extra elements like <span> and <strong> and <em>. At that point they seemed kind of annoyed by it. “Why can’t it be easier?”

So then I looked up other solutions and found Textile and Textpattern. lol.

Now I can use a better solution than telling my clients to maintain awkward HTML table code in a WYSIWYG editor. And I’d much rather say “learn some more Textile” than “learn some more HTML.”

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