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#1 2009-03-20 23:16:16

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Search results not displayed after upgrade to 4.0.8

After upgrading to 4.0.8 obviously all my installations (at least 4 so far perfectly running ones) have problems with the search function:
Counting of search results is ok, but the results themselves are not displayed, but an empty place instead (for a limited time try this.

Here is an error message:

tag_error <txp:article time="any" status="live" limit="999" /> ->  Textpattern Warning: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
select *, unix_timestamp(Posted) as uPosted, unix_timestamp(Expires) as uExpires, unix_timestamp(LastMod) as uLastMod, match (`Title`, `Body`) against ('konzert') as score from evnn_textpattern as textpattern where 1=1 and Status = 4 and (`Title` rlike 'konzert' or `Body` rlike 'konzert') and Section != 'dokumentation' and Section != 'kontakt' and Section != 'intern' and Section != 'anmelden' order by score desc limit 0, 999  on line 82

Using wet_haystack solves the problem, and is a solution I’ll use in the future anyway, but I think it is better to understand and solve the problem at its root:
What is happening and what can I do?

I didn’t find any hint in the forum so far. Can anyone help me?

PS: I triple-checked my forms and code. Seems no fault there.

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