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#1 2009-02-08 23:26:44

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[resolved] [Solved] Help, unable to delete images from images tab

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with images in TXP. I cannot seem to be able to delete some of the images. Get the following message on each image:

CategoriesWriteArticlesImagesFilesLinksCommentsSectionsPagesFormsStyleDiagnosticsPreferencesUsersVisitor LogsPluginsImportimage importupm_filejmd_img_selector Image(s) bd_laura_n_2.jpg could not be completely deleted.

All my plug-ins seem to be working fine/ I recently switched from php4 to 5.
I have run a diagnostic and I get 2 errors:

• Some Textpattern files are out of date:
/lib/txplib_head.php ?
• Some Textpattern files have been modified:
/publish/taghandlers.php ?

My head has changed because I’m using a customised admin. But not sure about the other one.
Is there any way I can remove these images??? Everything seems to be workig fine other then this :-/

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#2 2009-02-09 07:16:15

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Re: [resolved] [Solved] Help, unable to delete images from images tab

replace the files indicated in the diagnostics with the ones provided by txp
check if the error persists
if it does disable all extensions
if the problem is still there, then we will know that it is a txp problem in your server configuration

My suspicion is that the problem will be solved after the first step…

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#3 2009-02-09 10:44:54

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Re: [resolved] [Solved] Help, unable to delete images from images tab

Upgraded to 4.0.8/

Although because I rename my textpattern folder to admin I will always have diagnostic warnings/ + Jon Hicks admin with a different header.php/
This seems to have done the trick tho. Althouh I still get the error when trying to delete, the problem images are no longer listed.


#4 2009-02-10 10:19:03

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Re: [resolved] [Solved] Help, unable to delete images from images tab

You get that error when you’re trying to delete an image that:
  • isn’t listed in the txp_image database table (unlikely to happen) or if you don’t have permission to delete something from that table (also unlikely, as you would probably experience other problems)
  • if the image file doesn’t exist
  • if the image file cannot be deleted (usually a permissions problem)


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