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#1 2008-10-13 05:50:59

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Document root problem

When I changed computers, I moved my textpattern install from the root on my old machine to a subdirectory on my new laptop. I changed the necessary fields in the admin > preferences, both basic and advanced. The main page loads fine, however, it can’t find any of the articles.

Diagnostics shows that it lists document root as the old location:

Document root: /Library/WebServer/Documents

instead of the new subdirectory that I have listed as the site URL:

$path_to_site: /Users/henry/Sites/blog
Textpattern path: /Users/henry/Sites/blog/textpattern

How do I set the document root?

I tried adding:

$txpcfg[‘doc_root’] = ‘Users/henry/Sites/blog’;

to my config.php file, but it didn’t help.



#2 2008-10-14 12:14:06

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Re: Document root problem

Can you post the full diagnostics here and indicate which parts are incorrect?
Do the articles show up on the articles tab?


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