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#181 2008-06-30 10:43:28

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Re: Marketing TXP

I think the real point is why do they think it is insecure?

I haven’t looked at their code.. maybe it is. ;p But I believe this is as Ruud described. As a sloppy analogy (which by nature can’t extend very far), don’t put an extra door on your bank vault if you’ll never use it. You could secure it to the hilt, but the most secure in that instance would be not having the door at all.

…perfectly valid and useful ideas have been utterly dismissed…

Even if that’s true, two perfectly good ideas can be mutually exclusive: acceptance of one necessitates non-acceptance of the other. That doesn’t mean it’s a value judgement on you as a person, or even of the idea itself. Or perhaps the idea might be good in other instances, but isn’t judged to be as good a fit here. That’s how the marketplace of ideas works: you put them out there, hash them out and whatever stands earns acceptance. Unless someone’s told you to shut up, which would be wrong and isn’t acceptable, I don’t think you’ve got anything to complain about. Your ideas are just as likely to be accepted as anyone elses.

…but this thread has been characterised throughout by people (not you) so intent on promulgating their own narrow little world views…

I am fairly sure that no one has started spouting on their world view. But aren’t you characterizing their (whoever they might be) ideas in a negative manner (“narrow”), putting down what might be their “perfectly valid and useful ideas”?

…hadn’t we better ensure that the import scripts are fully functional?

I did some work on the WP one a little while ago. I don’t know if it still needs anything, but it brought it a lot closer anyway. The b2 one should probably just be put out to pasture. A future for the importers for the devs to consider might be some other changes I had asked about, but got no response on at that time.


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