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#1 2008-06-24 00:31:53

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Moving installation to virtual server, site preview is blank

I have moved a txp installation to my virtual server, which uses plesk. I’ve imported the db without trouble, and I’ve uploaded all of the txp files, including the .htaccess. The entire site is sitting on the new server waiting for me to change the DNS settings. I absolutely MUST know that this site is going to work properly before I do that.

When I use the Site Preview button in Plesk, I get a blank page. However, when I cut off the appropriate extension of the URL and type in textpattern/index.php (behind all the site preview linkage), I am able to login and see that all of my content is there.

However, every time I click on something in the admin panel, I’m logged out and have to login again before it will open that link. I absolutely cannot access the Advanced Preferences tab. I’ve run diagnostics, and the only real problem left is that the /var/tmp directory is not writeable. I can’t even access that through plesk, to my knowledge, and I will have to change it via SSH.

I have moved a txp site to this same virtual server before, and the site preview worked fine. It still does. That makes me believe something is wrong somewhere.

So the summary of my problems, all of them being within the site preview section of Plesk:
1. The blank page for any of the front end pages.
2. Persistent logging out when in the admin interface.
3. /var/tmp directory not writeable.

Thanks to anyone who can offer suggestions!

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#2 2008-06-24 00:41:32

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Re: Moving installation to virtual server, site preview is blank

  1. can be caused by a “wrong path”, “localhost” necessary/not necessary, slash too much etc.

Good luck with the rest! :)

Edit: Pahh, worth a try: have you turned on ZEND Optimizer? Try switching it off. Has helped me recently, though on a slightly different pathology.

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#3 2008-06-24 00:56:09

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Re: Moving installation to virtual server, site preview is blank

Thanks, uli. Haven’t turned on ZEND Optimizer to my knowledge. In fact, I can’t remember what it is at the moment. Sounds familiar.


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