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#1 2007-12-27 22:07:09

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ok so here’s an early release of the plugin using thickbox. It doesn’t have the ability to add files yet, but that will come once I get add images complete. You can grab the plugin here.

You will also need thickbox.js and thickbox.css in you textpattern/ folder. You can download them from here
A POC for adding images from the content>write tab using jQuery and thickbox. Here are some quick screenshots. You’ll notice there is a lot of room for additional functionality (adding files, more areas to add the image, etc.). This is just to show you a glimpse of what you can do with jQuery:

A simple button to add an image (placed here just for my own convenience):

A page to upload the picture (room to add so much more – upload a file, list current images/files to add):

Now that you’ve uploaded the image, do a little work with it (you’ll notice it’s the same page as when you upload images through TXP):

Finally you can add the image to the original article (you could extend here to add/replace/append to any field):


#2 2007-12-28 09:15:05

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Re: asv_multicontent

this is a very nice ‘plugin framework’ to work around with. i’ll definitely be utilizing this for some future plugins. i don’t think the JS dependency is so bad considering most other admin-side plugins definitely require JS to insert things where they need as well.


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