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#1 2007-05-21 04:39:12

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2007-05-18
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[feedback] Raising funds - introduce a "Donate" tab


I was thinking recently about how open source projects raise funds. I see there is “Textpattern Pro” and “Pro” plugins and the like. But it seems to me TXP could make more effort to get funds from its users just for the great product that is already released, not for anything extra.

I don’t think making people pay to download it is the right way to go – it will just discourage people from trying it out. But once they’ve got it going and they’re hooked, that’s the best time to spruik. :)

So there could be a “Donate” tab that had a link to paypal or whatever and suggested amounts. for example personal site $50, commercial/client site $200. and donating that amount could make the tab disappear for a year, or something like that. :)

It would be good just a gentle but constant reminder that the excellent software you’re enjoying has many hours of other people’s hard work in it, and it’s nice to support it and give something back.




#2 2007-05-22 01:02:29

Sock Enthusiast
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Re: [feedback] Raising funds - introduce a "Donate" tab

I would think this would be seen as the equivalent of “nag screens”, and far less tolerated. ?


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