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#1 2007-04-20 00:11:08

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Issues with the Textpattern sites

Depending upon when you’ve tried accessing the main website, forum, TextBook and the resources site, you may have encountered cryptic database errors rather than the resources you’re needing access to.

We’re aware of the situation and it is the result of our server, which hosts all these things, going on the fritz from time to time. This has been a problem slowly growing, and only recently becoming much more commonplace.

At present there is not much we can do about it, aside from moving to a new server that is better equipped to our needs. We hope this will happen soon, but these things take time.

We’ve not lost any content as far as I can determine, it simply means the server can’t handle the access load. Regularly scheduled (bimonthly) backups of the forum are already made, as well as occasional manual backups of the main site, and I would encourage those looking after TextBook and so on to ensure they are doing similar, in the unforseen event of data loss before/after the move.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, and we thank those concerned individuals for their interest. As soon as we know if and when a server move will take place, you will also know.


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