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#1 2006-10-14 13:18:44

From: Antwerp, Belgium
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How to simplify posting


I will probably start building a site for my brother’s sports club in the near future.
I will probably use textpattern as CMS for this site.
I currently have a site of my own (http///www.onrails.be) that uses textpattern.

I do have some problems with the complexity of some tasks:

-I love textile, but I simply can’t expect that all future editors of the new site learn how to use it…
—> are there good alternatives? WYSIWYG would be great…

-I don’t like the way images are inserted into a post. It’s way too complex: uploading, copying textile or HTML or txp code, and pasting it into the article… Is there a way to simplify this workflow? I like the way Wordpress handles this…

(but I don’t like wordpress in general, so switching isn’t an option..)



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#2 2006-10-14 19:24:41

Sock Enthusiast
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Re: How to simplify posting

Plugins are what you want for both, and I’m pretty sure there are at least two available that will do what you want. Check the resources site for them (click on Txp Network Links and it is in the dropdown).


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