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#1 2023-11-21 19:55:26

Server grease monkey
From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Textpattern 4.9.0 & PHP 8.3.0 - test drive

PHP 8.3.0 has been tagged today, and will be officially released as a supported PHP in 2 days.

I have equipped the Textpattern demo server with PHP 8.3.0 ahead of the official release.

There is a Textpattern instance that used the dev branch (i.e. what will eventually become Textpattern 4.9.0) with PHP 8.3.0 here:


Grab a username & password from here:


Please take a moment to have a look around. So far, Textpattern looks really good with PHP 8.3.0 – I haven’t found any errors or breakages with the current code.

Textpattern 4.9.0 will include support for PHP 8.3.0. Your hosting organisation(s) may begin to offer it in due course.

We are approaching nearly 2 years since Textpattern 4.8.8 was released, and it’s time for us to dust off the release instructions to get a new version out to you. There will be 1 or more beta releases because there is a lot of new stuff that needs to be battle tested before we get to the official production release.

If we can find and squash bugs sooner rather than later, it takes us closer to a new Textpattern – so everyone wins!


#2 2023-11-22 18:15:10

From: Quito (Ecuador)
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Re: Textpattern 4.9.0 & PHP 8.3.0 - test drive

I’ve been very inactive lately, but am waiting with great interest for Textpattern 4.9. In the meantime, any idea when this long-awaited official production release will be available?

Anyway, thank you very much for your valuable work.


#3 2023-11-23 00:05:46

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: Textpattern 4.9.0 & PHP 8.3.0 - test drive

Woohoo, that’s awesome news, Pete. Thank you for keeping all these different version plates spinning.

I’m well pleased with how 4.9.0 is shaping up. Although it doesn’t look massively different, there’s a tonne of cool stuff under the hood, not least of which is full SMTP support (finally!) and the completely revamped plugins workflow, with the ability to seamlessly upgrade directly from within the Plugins panel, as well as fully edit and export plugins. Plus all the insane parser optimisations and extensions that Oleg has put in, and Phil’s reworked admin UX. It’s all rather spiffing, and is still fast as all effing eff. I’ve had the misfortune to adopt a couple of WordPress sites recently, and every time I log into the admin side or navigate the public site and have to wait and wait, a little of my web spirit dies each time.

Back in Txp land, I’ve been tinkering offline with a Constraints system, primarily for Preferences, though it’s applicable anywhere, and keep hitting brick walls due to the way I want to implement it. I was hoping to squeeze it into 4.9.0 but it might have to be a 4.9.1 thing at this rate, unless I can crack it in the next few days.

Looking forward to getting this release out the door at long last, so please if anybody has any time to test it, then the more feedback we can get earlier the better.

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#4 2023-11-24 08:23:54

Plugin Author
From: Japan
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Re: Textpattern 4.9.0 & PHP 8.3.0 - test drive

So, because Homebrew wanted me to do it, I’ve upgraded to PHP 8.3 locally. To my surprise, the backend (admin side) works strangely well so far (light testing!). I had expected (hoped :-), just because…) at least some kind of glitches, but nothing so far. On the other, the public side I have one issue, on one of the three local installs – a fairly default one, one a mirror copy of a live site (site-A), one the old-old-old testbed install (site-B). The first two load perfectly fine, maybe a tad faster.

All 3 sites worked (loaded) perfectly fine the other day, under PHP 8.2.x. For all 3 sites, I can access the admin site smoothly.

The old-old-old one (site-B) has some issue, rather obscure: I cannot access anything except the frontpage. Thus: domain.local loads a-ok, but anything else, domain.local/section_name/ or domain.local/other_section/article_title fail to load with an Apache message (Firefox version):

The connection was reset. […] The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

or Safari

Safari can’t open the page “testbed.local/section_name/” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again.

I have no clue why, atm. Technically, site-B and site-A are not much different; I’ve tried disabling plugins on site-B but nothing makes a difference so far. Reverting to the default .htaccess does not improve anything. The httpd error log has this:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30+2 seconds exceeded (terminated) in /Users/username/Sites/testbed/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php on line 1833

which seems to be something about $globals, if I understand…

I restarted Apache, I restarted the computer just because… the loading failure remains.

Todo: check the ‘new’ php.ini but as it is shared by all 3 installs, I doubt this would yield anything.


Textpattern 4.9-dev up to date, so git tells me. All 3 installs run in debug mode.

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#5 2023-11-25 08:39:07

Plugin Author
From: Japan
Registered: 2004-02-27
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Re: Textpattern 4.9.0 & PHP 8.3.0 - test drive

phiw13 wrote #335896:

after a long debugging run (removing this then that then other things):
Issue 1890 PHP 8.3 linklist with label attribute prevents page loading

Have fun!

Where is that emoji for a solar powered submarine when you need it ?
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