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#1 2023-08-14 10:58:54

From: Nuremberg, Germany
Registered: 2012-03-08
Posts: 45

A Psychotherapist's Website

Website: Psychotherapeutische Praxis (in German)

Thank you for all your work around Textpattern, which enabled me — though not a programmer myself — to achieve this!

Any feedback is welcome.

Best wishes,



#2 2023-10-14 10:26:04

From: germany
Registered: 2019-08-11
Posts: 33

Re: A Psychotherapist's Website

Hm. It´s not bad. But I see some things that could be better.
For example: Your background image is huge! Almost 250 KB. Use WebP instead of JPG. And make it a lot smaller. No one take care on the details of this background image: 1447 × 1313 pixels are way to large.

Further there is no mobile support on this site. 2023 and you don’t have mobile device support on a website? This should be fixed.

I see a lot of optimization opportunities :)


#3 2023-10-15 14:28:21

From: Germany
Registered: 2005-01-20
Posts: 4,628

Re: A Psychotherapist's Website

I think it works well. It’s clear, calm, informative and the colours and imagery give it a positive feeling – all things a prospective client would be looking to find.

On the technical side, franzl’s right: there are things that can be improved, especially making it responsive for different device sizes. Your basic structure is already there, so there’s not a big leap required to make it work on mobile devices. I played around a bit and with some slight rejigging, you can quickly make it responsive – see this responsive version of one of the sub-pages.

franzl’s also right about the page weight, although to be fair your site is quite lightweight as websites go. You could optimize the file size of the large background image and logo, and also the webfont you are using for the headings includes characters for many languages you won’t be using – at google web fonts helper you can download subsetted web fonts (i.e. with a smaller character set that covers the most common Latin-script languages). The file size drops by about 80kb to 20% of its former size.

It looks like you have based your site on a template that was developed a while ago, so some bits are slightly out of date, i.e. all browsers support HTML5 nowadays, so XHTML is no longer needed. Other bits are more advanced than you need, like variable webfonts (you’re using only 1 of the 21 web fonts the code references).

If you are interested in making the modifications to your page template yourself, see this zip file. It includes a download of the existing page code (_basis), a responsive version (_responsive) version and a PDF showing the differences between the two on a line-by-line basis so you can see where to change things in your template (red is removed, green is added, blue background is what has changed within a line). I put the smaller webfont, optimised images and a webp version of the background image in the zip too :-) Together, those bring the page weight for that page down by almost a half from 425kb to 221kb. As always, there’s more one could do, but that is, I hope, some immediate help.

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