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#1 2023-08-09 21:04:15

From: New Zealand
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A Textpattern 'habit' I'd like to see removed

Image thumbnails: the generic kind, and how the last thumbnail size change becomes the default.

My default set up is to preset the width of the thumbs so they display in their original proportions across 2 columns in the com_article_image panel. This allows the user to easily rearrange the order of the thumbs so they (say) can pair portrait images together.

If a user experiments a bit with a thumbnaIl size, they can inadvertently reset the default to a fixed width and size (which results in squished thumbs).

Its a pain to recreate the thumbs on the desktop and replace the existing thumbs in the /images folder.


#2 2023-08-10 00:18:03

Plugin Author
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Re: A Textpattern 'habit' I'd like to see removed

I would certainly +1 this.

I (sort of…) work around this by using smd_thumbnails, this allows (me…) to easily restore to some default set. But it is no panacea. User can still manage to mess with things.

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#3 2023-08-10 09:20:32

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Re: A Textpattern 'habit' I'd like to see removed

That thumb size thing is rubbish, I agree. smd_thumbnail is not the solution either. The tags aren’t set up for responsive image handling, which is a royal pain too. Spitting out the dimensions should be opt in, not out.

We really need to knuckle down and fix the image handling once and for all. Just need to make time to do it.

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