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#1 2023-06-16 04:08:35

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Integration of csv and xml files

I read a similar thread on this, only this a few years ago, I don’t know if anything has changed, but otherwise I would like to discuss some more variants.

I have 3 options to consider:
1.1) External XML Files
1.2) Internal CSV files
1.3) Data from the supplier’s website provided publicly without logging in, etc.

and 2 ways to handle them:
2.1) As the data of the so-called Outside
2.2) As internal data (articles)

Let’s say that I would prefer to place the data in an external v2.1 file, even for CSV, which you will have to upload somewhere yourself, due to the fact that it supports 1 scheme, not 2. So for now, I will only ask for this variant, so that I know what I have opportunities with him.

I would like to display selected data from such files in the form of a list of products, divided into categories, search, filtering for selected columns. Important support for outdoor photos.

If it was possible, it would be nice to be able to collect selected products, specify the quantity and send it via a form to the e-mail address, which is basically as I read someone asked about it, although it is not necessary.

Asking for help what are our options? It’s about the simplest possible solution.


#2 2023-06-16 04:43:50

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Re: Integration of csv and xml files

My immediate reaction would be that much of your wishlist is outside the scope of txp.

I would nevertheless the check smd_xml plugin as it may partially do what you need.

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#3 2023-06-16 11:14:22

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Re: Integration of csv and xml files

IIRC, etc_query can import/sort/output XML and CSS files. I’m less sure about filtering CSS records by value(s), but you can certainly select columns for output. Dividing rows into categories could be possible via <txp:if_different /> tag.

This would not be out of the box, though. If you give us an example of what you need, it might help.


#4 2023-06-22 12:33:19

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Re: Integration of csv and xml files

The problem is that there will be several different ones that are supposed to create a coherent catalog of products.

But okay, I’ll take a look at this plugin soon and then I’ll ask specifically.

Thanks for the suggestions and best regards.


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