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#1 2023-03-15 14:29:10

Registered: 2023-02-17
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textpattern and external site

First, thank you textpattern, this is the best CMS for me, I tested almost all PHP MVC, none of them close to my needs like textpattern, easy to use and almost everything customizable with very good support.
I appreciate all textpattern’s team and the hard work they put on this tool.
I tested textpattern’s multi sites too, but looks not what I’m looking for.
My users (multi blogs) can select own style (outside the main textpattern site, kind of different site, layout, style and contents) when users logs in to control panel with user name and password, will something other than textpattern admin page. (accessing different tables doesn’t belong to textpattern)
Right now, I managed to complete 2 fully working sites, using .htaccess to route users to another folder. But I lose textpattern functionality.
mysite.com/user/profile?login=p&id=use_id after login, user has CPanel to manage owned site.
To access personal site user has link like this:
mysite.com/user/profile?id=GUID the site basically not same as my main textpattern site.
Maybe like hosting companies or multi blogger sites or facebook.
Anyone knows if this possible with textpattern ? or there is no way other than what I did ?
I appreciate any advice!


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