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#1 2021-10-28 23:28:35

From: Walla Walla
Registered: 2004-11-19
Posts: 2,215

Organized, searchable collection of many, many captured websites

I teach front-end web development in a secure setting (prison). This necessitates me capturing many many web archives of single web pages on a wide variety of topics. These will be viewed by my incarcerated students via a LAN server with no access to the internet.

After 4 years of simply using the filesystem and nested subfolders, it’s become an administrative nightmare.

Maybe textpattern + smd_tags can provide a simple workflow to intelligently sort all of these websites topically onto a searchable page to facilitate finding and displaying the pages.

I thought about using one of those sexy flat-file based headless CMS’s, but that involves time and a learning curve. Why not use the oodles of experience I have with TXP to my advantage [he thought to himself].

I could use article tags with articles, and associate files, images and links, but it seems like a trip to the CMS every time I add content is going to be tedious. Really I just need a way to tag (html file + assets dir) pairs and include a path to it. I could get fancy and paste the rendered text into a body tag and make the whole glob of sites searchable but that also seems like a lot of work for every page.

Has anyone done anything with flat files for content yet? That’d be ace!

I’m throwing it out there for people to suggest an approach I haven’t thought of.

Thanks in advance for your input.


#2 2021-10-29 20:24:54

From: vancouver
Registered: 2004-02-24
Posts: 1,881

Re: Organized, searchable collection of many, many captured websites

Just a thought but perhaps if you used a simple theme you could then work from the Theme directory in localhost without connecting to the internet nor log into the CMS, expect to import changes. But this is wild speculation on my part.

I just found this interesting flat file cms archivarix that might actually do what you are after.

…. texted postive


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