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#1 2021-10-06 03:34:35

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Running multiple domains

Is it possible to have TXP to run for multiple domains? I have tried to follow the subdomain one, but what I am wanting is completely separate domains.

For example I have two domains thisdomain.com and thatotherdomain.com

I also should note that I am running IIS and PHP. I did get TXP working for one domain but the other just displays what ever is on the first domain.

I am coming from Grav and they have something like this learn.getgrav.org/16/advanced/multisite-setup


#2 2021-10-06 07:21:52

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Re: Running multiple domains

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can set up different domains, and in the past I’ve done www.site1.com (public) / admin.site1.com (admin) and www.site2.com (public) / admin.site2.com (admin) … using this setup. A condition is that the different domains are on the same server and that your server supports symlinking. More details can be found in the docs.

I have no knowledge of IIS so that may have some special requirements but we’d love to hear if it works and if any custom settings are needed. The exact setup may also depend on how your host assigns domains/subdomains to specific folders on your server and it may be necessary adjust the symbolic links accordingly. To be clear, the multisite setup means you can run multiple sites from one set of core textpattern files on the server. It doesn’t give you one admin URL for all your different sites; each site gets its own custom admin URL.

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#3 2021-10-06 08:13:55

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Re: Running multiple domains

So, that might make sense if I had more access to the server. The closest I can get is virtual folders. I might try some things but I don’t have much hope.

The other CMSs I have used had a built in feature that didn’t require any subdomains, symlinks, virtual folders, or anything. The link I pointed to at Grav uses a single file to allow multiple files. I was hoping that TXP had something like that.


#4 2021-10-06 13:03:14

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Re: Running multiple domains

Kcits wrote #331735:

The link I pointed to at Grav uses a single file to allow multiple files. I was hoping that TXP had something like that.

Not that I’m aware of, we use a symlink + directory route. Adding IIS to the equation means you’re gonna have a tricky time with this, unfortunately.


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