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#1 2021-09-05 19:48:05

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Adding MP3 audio for dummies...

Was looking around for a nice and cheap mp3 player for podcasts and add-ons for content in my blog — when someone pointed out that most browsers natively support HTML5 and the ready insertion of a basic MP3 player -

Example -

<audio src="/files/1010NewsTalk-Coffee-Snippet.mp3" controls="controls"></audio>
 <br /> XERF 1010</p>
<hr />
<audio src="http://yourDomain.com/files/2YC-2013.mp3" controls="controls"></audio>
 <br /> 2YC New Zealand Talk Radio</p>
<hr />
<audio src="http://shoutcast.com/files/Radio-800-April-26-2017.mp3" controls="controls"></audio>
 <br /> Radio 800 show</p>
<hr />

This is least fancy – but you can add basic shapes and features to the player.
And yes, I am likely the last person on Earth to realize this.

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