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#1 2021-05-06 14:17:42

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private delivery networks

here’s some interesting research from MIT Media lab.

A common goal in logistics and data privacy research is to find ways for people to purchase goods they need through existing vendors while preventing vendors from computing comprehensive views of people’s personal information. Pursuing this goal should not be reserved for only the privileged who may better afford privacy tools, it should also benefit low income and marginalized groups, who may be most vulnerable to predatory targeted marketing. www.media.mit.edu/posts/nomadic-systems/

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#2 2021-05-06 15:36:49

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Re: private delivery networks

Interesting. Applying TOR concepts to physical deliveries sounds good in principle if costs can be kept low enough to fuel adoption.

It would work if couriers interoperated in geographic ‘cells’ much like the original cellular data handoff when a handset travels from zone to zone. That would, however, make monetisation more difficult if it’s travelling over multiple delivery providers.

Alternatively, each courier’s distribution centres could act as secure hubs. Parcels from location 1 bound for destination 2 might go to hub F first, a layer peeled off which then determines its next hop to hub J where the next layer reveals the subsequent hop is hub D, which then reveals destination 2.

I think that’s kind of how people like DPD operate now anyway (if you follow the tracking info of parcels) but they sometimes route things direct from hub F to D, skipping J. So all they really need to do is use shorter hops to adjacent cells, and ensure that each route can only reveal the next hop by decrypting the next layer of the entire route.

Definitely an intriguing concept.

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