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#25 2021-04-28 12:01:43

From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Re: Textpattern demo sites - stack changes, upgrades, tweaks etc

Nginx 1.19.10 is compiling now, should be live in 30 mins or less. The ‘stable’ Nginx release (1.20) worked just fine, so we’re back to ‘mainline’ (1.19). PHP 7.3.28, PHP 7.4.18 & PHP 8.0.5 are also live.

Demo server tech stack (current as of post timestamp):

Site Textpattern HTTP Database PHP
Release Demo Textpattern 4.8.5 Nginx 1.19.10 Percona Server 8.0 PHP 7.4.18 (PHP-FPM)
Prev Demo Textpattern 4.7.3 Nginx 1.19.10 Percona Server 8.0 PHP 7.3.28 (PHP-FPM)
Dev Demo GitHub dev branch Nginx 1.19.10 Percona Server 8.0 PHP 8.0.5 (PHP-FPM)

Until further notice, I’ll be using this thread to track the nerdy details of the demo server. Please refer to the demo site status thread for other info.

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