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#11 2020-09-03 15:42:57

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Re: Make default template more user ready

etc wrote #325768:

If we had enough themes (and a repository) to choose from, I would even vote for themeless txp distribution.

Funny that, I’ve just today created this repo which will be used by the themes website. 😀


#12 2020-09-04 14:44:11

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Re: Make default template more user ready

> edited to try to say something more useful, from the mouth of a programming babe, just to submit 2 cents:
  • if I were advertising this to people, I would promote it to a potentially new audience through IndieWeb; there’s even https://txp.kpw.fyi/articles/step-3-add-support-for-receiving-webmentions site on IndieWeb textpattern
  • also there is a good external learning page on texpattern http://ipsedixit.net/txp/116/textpattern-quickstart-hello-world. One or both of these resources were written by former textpattern devs
  • I am sharing this because at some point, if I make it through the weeds, I would like to try to share an explanation of how I did my set up because I think that textpattern offers something very unique for x-professionals, like teachers, so they should use it. Think of how neat it would be for x-professionals, to interlink to each other’s sites through webmentions and such and for x-contributors, like students, to actually see their work go “live” – I do this already but I am hoping the new site design will improve this (if I ever get it done).
  • as for the learning pages on the textpattern site, I would like to point out that there is a link 404 to Page templates (reached through the article/tags page).
  • I am really struggling with 1) the search results and 2) the categories showing the articles they contain. Useless anecdote: I fixed 2) late last night but in trying to solve 1) lost the solution – and think I will delete lots of things to start again… (also a useful tip in writing).

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