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#1 2020-08-23 15:26:39

From: Lancashire
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Slim blog themes

Rising from the ashes of the Slave theme, which asked for a lot of user input, come the Slim themes which are much improved. Installation and changing colours are now very easy. Fonts with international glyphs are now included.

Each theme is more or less ready-to-go — you don’t have to add your own images to make it look good :-) Slim themes all use the same pages and form, so only the images and stylesheets are different. You are welcome to fork and add your own images and styles — a simple job if you have an hour to spare.

The demo site has useful information plus screenshots of the top of each theme and a demo page for each theme.

Downloads are available on Github. (At least I think so — can the general public see the green Code button with the Download zip behind it?) I will add new themes to the list below.

BB6 Band My band
Gud One My blog


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