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#1 2020-03-03 13:09:04

From: Cyprus
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[SOLVED] div appears twice

I have a form containing

<div class="announce">
<txp:linklist category="active,ongoing" sort="id desc" limit="10" break="li" wraptag="ul">
<txp:variable name="external" value='<txp:link_description />' />
<txp:if_variable name="external" value="ext">
<a href="<txp:link_url />" rel="external"><txp:link_name escape="html" /></a>
<txp:else />
<a href="<txp:link_url />"><txp:link_name escape="html" /></a>

which I then call into the pages via the output_form tag. The problem is that the initial div is rendered twice and I have no idea why. Deleting the div from the form and adding it to the page template fixes the issue but I do not think that it is the proper way to go about it. You can view the behaviour in the source of the front page of the neme site.

Is this a txp bug?

> Solved. This idiot was the bug as I was looking at the wrong page template!!!

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