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#1 2018-12-18 14:05:02

From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Textpattern 4.7.2 is arriving soon - test drive it now!

The next release of Textpattern is 4.7.2 and it will be released very soon.

Textpattern 4.7.2 is a maintenance release with fixes and enhancements.

As part of the pre-release process, it is important to check for problems so we can fix (or make plans to fix) anything that is not working as it is expected.

There is a test drive demonstration server available running the latest pre-release, development version of Textpattern 4.7.2, and this will become the real Textpattern 4.7.2 soon.

If you have some time available, please take the Textpattern 4.7.2 test server for a ride and report any feedback here, or in GitHub issues.

The test server is here:

You will need a username and password to use the admin side. Your username and password are identical.

Please use: managing-editor### (where ### is a three-digit number between 100 and 999).

For example: managing-editor175, managing-editor222, managing-editor101, managing-editor444, and so on.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention, and we hope you enjoy your ride!


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