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#11 2019-01-15 19:22:15

From: Cyprus
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Re: Showcase: deleted

Destry wrote #316139:

Haha… Bam! That’s even better. Still does anyone change that location these days? That used to be a thing years ago.

Unless you go for the multi-site option, other methods are slightly convoluted. I wish it was something we could establish in the config file, but on the other side, it’s good to be able to easily check too.

I guess that one of the most visited txp sites, adblockplus.org, is hardly recognised by this community regardless of the number of the number of people who are possibly using the plugin.

Bloke wrote #316140:

Yes, some do. And those running multi-site will often use admin or something else. But if that test fails, there are other indicators we can use to ascertain the Textpatternability of a site. Txp leaves its scent in a few ways.

I’d like to know^^, but I guess that this should not be public knowledge.

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#12 2019-04-26 16:44:58

From: vancouver
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Re: Showcase: deleted

Bloke wrote #316138:

Team, are you sure Hicks Design is still Txp?

he is, and he is also an Affinty user .
British design legend Jon Hicks would join the ranks of Affinity Designer users, and now he has!

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