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#1 2018-08-20 08:20:06

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Server migration

Hi everyone,

We are starting a migration of all the Textpattern official sites to a new host and server platform. This will also encompass a change of the site URLs so that they all sit within the ‘textpattern.com’ domain space in future, now that we have full ownership of it. Hopefully there will not be too much upheaval but there may be short periods of outage as we move each website (this will be done as a staged migration, one site at a time). We will try to keep this to an absolute minimum if we can. This forum will be the first to migrate – planned for starting later this week.

Advantages are many: faster server, latest PHP version, updated security protocols, etc. and we are very excited to share more news with you soon about our new hosts.

Pete Cooper has been working extremely hard on building the best system we can get, so massive thanks to him for taking the reins on this project.

For more information and further discussions on the above, please see this forum thread.


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