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#1 2018-08-12 19:48:53

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[RFC] Revisit & rethink Textpattern user roles and permissions?

Put your hand up if you’re a Textpattern administrator.
Put your hand down if you’re a single-tenant Textpattern administrator (i.e. just you on your own Textpattern instance).
Put your hand down if all your users are administrators (i.e. all your users can do everything in Textpattern).

Anecdotally, much of the discussion around here is by seasoned Textpattern users who have no restriction on what they can do. This is a massively valuable community for the Textpattern platform, but it’s often easy to forget that there are non-administrators who use Textpattern regularly as part of their role, and it’s important they have a positive experience while doing it.

(If your hand is up, put it down. Thanks for playing.)

Roles and permissions have grown organically since inception and I’d like to discuss what roles and permissions might involve for Textpattern 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 and so on. I keep coming back to sanity checking existing user roles and their assigned permissions, but turning that logic on its head I think it would be interesting and useful to (re)build a user role (and permissions) based on real world personas, with a view to making changes as required.

The current setup is outlined here — the table is very helpful.

Do you have a Textpattern user that exists outside of the roles defined in that document? Are we missing a demographic?


#2 2018-08-13 14:02:22

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Re: [RFC] Revisit & rethink Textpattern user roles and permissions?

Sometimes, “Publisher”, “Copy Editor” or “Staff Writer” permissions aren’t valuable for my clients. Because some rules allow access on elements (“Forms”, “Pages” even “Sections”) that affect parts of the website. May be the best world could be a (into the Core) review of all user profiles by the administrator in order to assign each needed privilege for individual profile.


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