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#1 2017-03-13 14:20:16

Plugin Author
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Textpattern as a modular system

My reflections on global topics… ;-)

I suggest gradually moving to the modular Textpattern structure. It would be very convenient in the admin interface with one click to enable/disable modules. Create/Drop(if table is empty) related SQL tables, include/or not module tags and module admin interface.

At the first stage, can start with the modules:
  • Files
  • Images
  • Links
  • Comments
We already have everything necessary for this:
  • /vendors/ loader. Move some code from taghandlers.php, txplib_misc.php, /include/txp_* (admin interface) to /vendors/Textpattern/Modules/*
  • SQL table structure for create/drop tables (Soon will be). Move too /vendors/Textpattern/Modules/*
  • Need to do: module.prefs Place too /vendors/Textpattern/Modules/*

Yes, this is a hard and thankless job, but in the future it will help us to get a flexible and powerful system. For example, can have several alternative modules for comments/images (switching them from the admin interface). The most successful and time-tested plugins can be included in the basic system as modules.

For example:
  • smd_tags (and/or) some variant Unlimited Category (I would like to leave the possibility to use category1 and category2, since queries to them are carried out as quickly as possible)
  • aks_cache
  • rah_sitemap
  • rah_external_output – here can still expand the possibilities (maybe interface for public ajax)
  • gbp_permanent_links – here is a topic for a separate conversation. I would suggest introducing the concept of an alternative handler preText(). For maximum compatibility, leave the original preText(). If compatibility with old permlinks is not needed, then let’s use another permlink building. It would be nice to add support for subdomains.

I’m not completely versed in this issue, but perhaps the concept of modules is suitable for Unlimited Custom Fields.

aks_cron : Cron inside Textpattern | aks_article : extended article_custom tag
aks_cache : cache for TxP | aks_dragdrop : Drag&Drop categories (article, link, image, file)


#2 2017-03-13 17:30:44

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Re: Textpattern as a modular system

I like global topics :-) Yes, that would be great. Basically, it means complex plugins would be much easier to install. And yes, much thankless work…


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