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#1 2016-01-26 06:03:06

From: Россия
Registered: 2013-01-18
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ngd_recaptcha - can't solve the captcha

For the life of me I can’t get this plugin working, and I’m not doing it the first time. I do have ngd_recaptcha working on one of my sites sochicomputer.ru/blog, but right now I’m trying to implement it on new installation of textpatter @ test.sochicomputer.ru. I tried everything, I got new keys, I used old keys, nada. Every time I submit a proper captcha solution, I get errors, you entered incorrect captcha code. Perhaps it has something to do with changes in recaptcha site? Now google is supporting it.


#2 2018-03-01 19:25:11

Plugin Author
From: Berlin
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Re: ngd_recaptcha - can't solve the captcha

Did you get it working? What was the culprit?

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