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#1 2014-01-10 00:55:38

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Textpattern Pro for Hire

I am looking for a Textpattern expert to help with atlasprint.com.
My site was recently restored from a malware attack. I am currently not able to login to the site through textpattern CMS.
I need help with stage 1 right off the bat.

Please e-mail me if you are able to help. mwilson at atlasprint dot com

Stage 1
Reinstall/Restore Textpattern CMS (enable current site to be edited)
Cleanup Server
Edit the contact info on the footer
Go live with the price calculator already built

Stage 2
Evaluate the plans to develop the website in further stages and explore the pros and cons of converting to WordPress CMS
Edits to graphics and layout of the current site.
Add products and shopping cart functions
Implement SEO content and all meta data. (SEO,SEM marketing)

Stage 3
Evaluate, design and implement an online store/ network shopping cart for clients.
Implement a plugin software solution for receiving fulfillment store orders for local and non local web stores.
Add a online design/web to print plugin function to site.

{Edited to disarm email address. – Uli}

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