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#1 2013-03-13 21:27:19

Plugin Author
From: Bochum, Germany
Registered: 2004-07-26
Posts: 196

sho_bookmarklet -the easiest way to add links to your Textpattern site

Adding links to your Textpattern site has never been easier. Just install this plugin, drag the bookmarklet from the extensions tab to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and add all the websites you like.

This plugin is very rudimentary in it’s initial 0.1 relase and only been tested on Chrome. Please let me know if you come across and issues.

More info here: http://textpattern.org/plugins/1273/sho_bookmarklet
Also it lives on Github: https://github.com/perlmonkey/txp-sho-bookmarklet

Yoko for Textpattern – A free blog themeMinimum Theme – If all you want to do is write.
Note: I am currently not actively using Textpattern, so I am not in the forums very often


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