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#1 2012-11-28 23:49:57

From: Brooklyn, NY
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GREY Magazine

GREY Magazine features a mix of fashion photography and writing—short stories, poetry, humor, essays—with illustrations. The print edition is essentially an oversized hard-bound book, and has a very distinctive graphic identity that we worked hard to carry over to the digital version. Full-page illustrations are their stock in trade, so we went with very large images on the website as well.

There are two main content types.

The “story” layout, which is for prose or less-produced pictorials: And the “gallery” layout, which is vertically responsive and will show images as large as your monitor: There are also various other pages:

This project arguably fell into an awkward place in TXP’s development cycle. It’s built on 4.4.1 and depended on several key plugins that just weren’t going to be ready for 4.5 in time. Some things could well have been easier to build in 4.5, but so it goes.

Rather than using rss_unlimited_categories on this site, I pushed harder on glz_custom_fields, especially using Kevin Potts’s Use list of categories as values for a custom field dropdown strategy.

I also made a bold (rash?) decision to use the built-in “Link categories” for additional metadata types (so far: people/contributors, and print issues) which are associated with custom fields. Article and Image categories are left to their more ordinary uses.

Plugins used:
  • adi_calc
  • adi_form_links
  • asy_jpcache
  • bot_image_upload
  • bot_privs redbot
  • bot_write_tab_customize
  • glx_if
  • glz_custom_fields
  • hak_tinymce
  • jnm_feed_custom_item
  • rah_nocache
  • rah_post_versions
  • rah_replace
  • rah_status_dropdown
  • rss_admin_db_manager
  • smd_admin_themes
  • smd_crunchers
  • smd_featured
  • smd_query
  • smd_where_used
  • soo_if_frontpage

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#2 2012-11-29 06:23:12

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Re: GREY Magazine


Using ff there is a display problem on http://grey-magazine.com/shop. the pulldown menus hide behind the images of the covers

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#3 2012-11-29 23:20:48

From: Pottsville, NSW
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Re: GREY Magazine

Love it, looks great :)


#4 2012-11-30 15:39:08

From: Brooklyn, NY
Registered: 2007-01-11
Posts: 155

Re: GREY Magazine

Thanks for the kind words, Colak and Tye!

Colak, thanks very much for noticing that layout problem in FF. Fixed now.


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