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#1 2012-07-11 02:47:41

Registered: 2005-09-10
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Need a developer for file distribution project

I have a potential client with a small beverage company. They need a way to regularly upload large image files (posters and signage that range from 4 to 20MB) to a site that only their vendors can access (via login and password). Once logged in, the vendors should be able to view small versions of the images and download the high-res files that they want. It should be easy for the company’s employees to login, upload and organize new image files and remove old files.

I do not have the programming skills to deal with large file upload forms, downloads and thumbnail creation. I’m not even sure Textpattern needs to be employed, I’m just really comfortable with designing and templating in TXP.

Please contact me asap if you are interested in this project. Thanks!


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