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#1 2010-11-08 18:19:28

From: Southeastern Michigan, USA
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Admin URL Preference for Multi-Sites

I was just moving an existing website to a multi-site install of Txp. I also upgraded arc_twitter while at it, and had to reconnect to twitter.

In order to make arc_twitter and multi-site installs work, one of the adaptations relates to the URL for the admin — whether www.yourdomain.co/admin or admin.yourdomain.com arc_twitter (and apparently other plugins) hard code an expectation for www.yourdomain.com/textpattern.

There is a .htaccess redirect work around, but that doesn’t seem intuitive.

I succeed in make the connection by changing the site url to admin.mydomain.com and then editing out the hardcoded ‘/textpattern/ in the code.

It got me thinking (:D I know – that’s dangerous :D)

I’ve no idea if this is a good or bad idea/ workable or not. But fwiw:

Would it work to set a second url preference (in addition to the site url) for the the admin url, and plugins could tap that instead?

(I’m against adding another preference unnecessarily, but perhaps this is necessary for plugins that need to use the url?)

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