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#1 2010-05-04 12:48:37

susan mussi
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Help with a web Ceramic Dictionary

I have started a web ceramic dictionary which at the moment is in English, my native language but I want it also in Spanish and Catalan. The work is immense and will never finish. It has as many illustrations as possible, most of which I have done myself, drawings and photos as they are an international language. There are many things I need help with the most urgent is the following-

1) To set up a connection between the three languages. I would like it to work in the following way; at the end of a section on a word the word would be put in the other two language and made so the reader could “click” on the word and go directly that word in that language.

Tile (written sectopon)
es:azulejo c: rajola

My web is http://diccionario.ceramicsbensu.es/en/

2) When you go into A and F there are two words incorrectly placed and I cannot find them to eliminate them, this is just a warning in case you think your are in the wrong section.

All help will be greatly appreciated,


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