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#1 2010-04-26 22:11:27

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Monolito is a blog theme. Right now is only available in blue but I plan to release more colors/backgrounds in the future. As my other theme Memoria; Monolito doesn’t require any plugin to work properly, you can install it with the mem_templates plugin and is separated in multiple forms but the article tags remain within the default page.

I’ve tested it in all modern browsers and in IE6, the design remains somewhat consistent in IE6. Available in english and spanish.

I’m still working in the documentation but if you are an intermediate to advanced user you shouldn’t have to much trouble or none at all. Hope you like it and if you find any problem or need help making changes please let me know.

Download, documentation and live demo(in spanish) at: http://monolito.armatoste.net

The documentation is in english and spanish.


Documentation: Other themes by me:

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