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#1 2010-04-18 22:12:28

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Seeking TXP help

I’m working on a website project right now and will need someone to do some TXP integration. Specifically, it’s a client that sells tshirts (but won’t be doing any eccomerce).

I need someone who knows how to;

-setup the backend to allow for inputing various information into custom fields (color, price, product description, 1 image per product)
-a few conditional statements

I will be doing the HTML markup but need someone to take the markup and integrate it into a TXP framework.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m looking to accomplish;

Ideal applicant should:

-good at communicating technical details
-have strong “relevant” portfolio of work (perhaps you’ve done something similar to this)
-be available by either late next week or the following
-let me know where you reside (I’m here in Washington DC and don’t mind overseas but just want to know ahead of time so I know how to manage the project)
- submit your projection and rate of how long this integration may take.. If you need more information, I can submit it to you.

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