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#1 2009-09-07 01:11:54

From: Seattle, WA
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Not quite a roadmap...

With 4.2 out the door, I thought I would share a little bit of what’s coming in the release pipeline.

Textpattern 4.3

The next feature release, Textpattern 4.3, will be the final release in the 4.x series. As such, the 4.3 release will largely focus on optimizations, performance tuning, and refinements to existing features, although there will definitely be some tasty new morsels thrown in as well.

Textpattern 5.0

Textpattern 4.3 will be followed by Textpattern 5.0. The most important thing to know about Textpattern 5.0 is that it will require PHP 5.2 (or newer). Database requirements are still a bit up in the air, but MySQL 5.0 or later is a likely requirement as well. We will post updates as details firm up. Our crystal ball is as foggy as ever, so I can’t provide much detail in terms of specific features or a timetable for Textpattern 5.0. But given the release’s new requirements, we wanted to give all users and plugin developers significant advance notice of what is coming.

What about Crockery?

Crockery was an experimental code branch created by former Textpattern developers. The intention at the time was that Crockery would eventually become the new stable code base. However, the current dev team has decided not to pursue further development of Crockery. Although we may incorporate certain Crockery concepts into future Textpattern releases, Crockery as a project should now be considered dead.


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