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#1 2009-04-03 20:17:08

From: Sthlm, Sweden
Registered: 2008-11-27
Posts: 31

[SOLVED] Admin side language problem - missing translation

It seems no one has had this problem and Im out of ideas at this point.

On the Textpattern installation in question, some setting choises are missing in the admin when using the Swedish language pack.

For example, on the Admin>Users tab, there are the “With selected” option and you choose what to do with a drop down. When the English (GB) language pack is used the options “Change privilege”, “Reset password” and “Delete” are visible. However, when the Swedish language pack is used only the “Delete” option text is visible (the option is still there, just not the text (translation)).

Another missing example is the translation of “Enable XML-RPC server?” in the Admin>Advanced tab.

Ive tried finding a pattern to the missing options but there just isnt one. Most of them are there but some are missing, and its in different places.

Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Swedish language pack a couple of times with no results. Ive also tried changing the translation manualy in the database, checking to see if the problem was caused from special swedish characters (even though there are several other options with Swedish characters visible) – no result. Ive even tried deactivating some plugins (without a reason, really) but nothing.

A note is that the site has been moved once from another server. It has also been updated from TXP 4.04 to 4.07. Im not sure if the problem existed before the move or before the version upgrade. But. The problem is there now!


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#2 2009-04-04 10:32:46

New Member
From: Czechoslovakia
Registered: 2009-03-29
Posts: 2

Re: [SOLVED] Admin side language problem - missing translation

Hi, I had the same problem with Slovak translation. It is caused by “empty” translations for some strings. Try to download language file. When you open it, you can see lines with no text after arrow (=>). For example on 9th line:

changeprivilege =>

You can delete these lines; then string keys (like “changeprivilege”) would be displayed in admin site. Or you can add appropriate translation. After that you can place modified file in textpattern/lang/ directory and install it.


#3 2009-04-04 16:29:18

From: Sthlm, Sweden
Registered: 2008-11-27
Posts: 31

Re: [SOLVED] Admin side language problem - missing translation

Thanks sergejx! You didnt get me the complete answer – but you did leed me in the right direction.

If a value isnt assigned to the name in the language file it wont be entered into the database and thus TXP will show the name instead of the never entered value. In my case the result was empty even if the name had a value in the database. However, installing the language manually did solve the issue with blank values. Why? Ask Elvis.

So, one solution when having problems with translations is to just install the language manually. It might work.

For others having issues concerning empty strings for translations or no translation is showing I can add a note:
If the name and the translated value IS in the language database but doesnt show anyways – it might be entered in the wrong event!

In the language files its important to have the event on a line before the names and values, for example:

changeprivilege => Ändra rättigheter

…where admin is the event.


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