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#1 2009-01-18 16:21:44

Registered: 2007-11-17
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Import from WordPress 2.7 was't what successful...


I just wonder why import from my WordPress 2.7 blogg to TXP 4.0.7 doesn’t succeed as it should. You can see it here at http://www.test.gotlandsbilden.se

As you see all post shows up in lots of instances, even in the administration tab article there every post have been duplicated lots of times. Lots of the duplicate got the name “Namnlös” (name less).
99 percent of the text in the posts has disappeared.
The headlines had been faulty too.

The data base charset is utf8 in both WP and TXP.

Can somebody come up with a possible explanation?

P.S. The language is Swedish. D.S.

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