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#1 2008-11-26 22:46:13

Archived Plugin Author
From: Exmouth, England
Registered: 2004-08-24
Posts: 3,251

TXP Falling Away

It’s been a while but to celebrate the upcoming release of TXP 4.0.7 here is a new theme that can only be used for that release. I won’t waste words here as it is well documented over there. Comments are open though you can comment here if you prefer. I’m still checking through it so if you see any problems give me a shout.


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#2 2008-11-27 02:55:48

Plugin Author
From: Miami, Florida
Registered: 2005-11-29
Posts: 2,635

Re: TXP Falling Away

Nice one Stuart, it’s a cool theme. The layout also works for a forum, with the blue column holding the poster’s info.

I also like Pat’s work, it’s functional.


#3 2009-01-21 21:32:50

From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Registered: 2005-09-24
Posts: 539

Re: TXP Falling Away

Well done Stuart. I really should finish the Melancholy theme I started so many moons ago.

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