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#1 2008-08-17 01:00:14

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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txp:article on indiv article context shouldn't output sticky article?

I supposed a <txp:article /> tag on an sticky individual article context was going to output the sticky article.
In other (coded) words, I supposed this was going to work fine:

    <txp:article form="article" status="sticky" limit="1" />          
<txp:else />         
    <txp:article form="article" />

The very simple idea behind the code is the tipical situation of outputting an sticky article on section landing page (an article list context) and a live/sticky article in individual article context.
In fact, long time ago, it worked. The second <txp:article /> will output the sticky article when on individual article context.

But then, I’ve a totally blurred idea that zem may have changed this behavior some month after my how-to post.

So, the questions are:

  1. shouldn’t it work?
  2. what could be a reason to have changed the old behavior? (or, better, is it a bug or the change was made on purpose?)

BTW, the “workaround” is this:

    <txp:article form="article" status="sticky" limit="1" />          
<txp:else />         
    <txp:article form="article" status="sticky" />          
    <txp:article form="article" status="live" />

It’s OK, I can live with the duplicated txp:article tag, but it feels a little awkward

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