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#1 2007-10-13 13:21:38

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[plugin] [ORPHAN] ob1_search_score

Name: ob1_search_score
Version: 1.0
Author: Henrik Jönsson
Author URL: revolutioni.se
Modified: 2007-10-13
Paste URL

Outputs what search score the article got. The default search in textpattern does not add this to the $thisarticle array so this plugin can currently only be used with my own ob1_advanced_search plugin or if you do some hacking of Textpattern which I will not adress here.

Note that the decimal point uses your locale, so if you have, for instance, a swedish install of Textpattern it will display a comma instead of a dot.

The percentsign after the score is mandatory and can not be removed since that is just what it is, a percent value.

Last edited by obeewan (2007-12-27 20:37:33)

Plugins: ob1_advanced_search 1.032b, ob1_search_score 1.0, ob1_pagination 2.5, ob1_title 4.1, ob1_modified 2.1

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#2 2008-01-13 22:59:50

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Re: [plugin] [ORPHAN] ob1_search_score

I have installed “ob1_advanced_search” and I have inserted the tag

<txp:ob1_advanced_search set=“allowed_usage; occurrences; show_search_form; search_custom; allowed_words_usage_name; occurrences_name; results; error_search_short” value=“results_per_page,word,without_words; +,Title,Body,%custom; empty,no_results; 1;” />

in the section h**p://www.paesenostro.it/ricerca_avanzata but when I open the page doesn’t it go out anything, why?


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