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#1 2006-10-11 18:29:00

From: Novi Sad, Serbia
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Section listings and URL modes

OK, am I going crazy or is this really possible? Currently I am on a development account at my hosting provider that hasn’t been yet connected to a domain, so I am on a temporary URL (and maybe that might be an issue?). When I use /Blog to display a list of articles belonging to the Blog section I get nothing listed. But when I do it as a messy URL – ?s=Blog I get the article list – How is this possible?!

Here is my code used to display articles when on the Blog section:

<code> <!— Blog Articles —> <txp:if_section name=“Blog”> <txp:if_article_list> <ul class=“articleList”> <txp:article form=“articleList” section=“Blog” limit=“10” /> </ul> <txp:chh_if_data><ul id=“paginate”> <li class=“newer”><txp:newer>&laquo; Newer</txp:newer></li> <li class=“older”><txp:older>Older &raquo;</txp:older></li> </ul> </txp:chh_if_data> <txp:else /> <txp:article section=“Blog” limit=“1” /> </txp:if_article_list> </txp:if_section>

Try these two URLs for different results:

http://system.utp-code.com/~admin134/?s=Blog – Working
http://system.utp-code.com/~admin134/Blog – Not working

Another thing I wanted to ask is how do I set the URL mode but not from the admin interface, but through phpmyadmin or something else (I can’t figure it out)? They have some mod_security issues over at my hosting company and that form submits with illegal characters so I need an alternate way of setting up stuff.

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