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#1 2006-10-10 19:15:43

New Member
From: Budapest, Hungary
Registered: 2006-10-10
Posts: 4

status of crockery

can someone tell me how things going on with branch crockery? i would be glad to use txp only pgsql support prevents me from it.
does anyone use txp with posgresql? if yes could i contact him or her?
i have tried to checkout the current tree but have no luck with generating the necessary tables in the db. (to be precise i have faced the ‘name’ problem.)


#2 2006-10-11 13:35:30

Sock Enthusiast
Registered: 2004-06-27
Posts: 6,236

Re: status of crockery

Crockery is experimental, always has been. That includes PostgreSQL support – last time I checked it wasn’t fully functional yet.


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